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Find a Sales Rep

With locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, finding a local Porex sales representative who understands your specific needs and challenges is easy. We speak your language – both literally and technically – and offer the power of global reach and resources through a dedicated local approach.

Request a call back from your local sales representative using the form below. You can also find sales contact information by continent in the tables below, or, send us your information via our general contact form.

  • Porex Corporation

    500 Bohannon Road
    Fairburn, Georgia 30213 USA

    Toll free: +1 800 241 0195
    Tel: +1 770 964 1421
    Fax: +1 770 969 0954
    E-mail: info@porex.com
    Languages Spoken: EN, ES

  • Country Phone Number Languages
    UK / Netherlands+49 (0)241 91052517 English, German
    France / Belgium / Luxemburg / Monaco+49 (0)241 91052523 English, French, German
    Germany+49 (0)241 9105250 English, German, Italian, French, Spanish
    Spain / Portugal+49 (0)3591 3722104 English, Spanish
    Italy+39 (0)11 2489507 English, Italian
    Turkey, Egypt+90 (216) 411 87 87 English, Turkish
    Northern, Eastern and Southeastern Europe+49 (0)241 91052517 English, German
    Other countries not listed above+49 (0)241 9105250 English, German
  • Porex Technologies GmbH

    Strangenhäuschen 30
    52070 Aachen

    Tel: +49 241 9105250
    Fax: +49 241 91052516
    E-mail: info.europe@porex.com
    Languages Spoken: EN, FR, DE, NL, ES

  • Country Phone Number Languages
    Japan+819057954334 English, Japanese
    South Korea+821029611314 / +821097161314 English, Korean
    Taiwan+886-936124976 English, Chinese
    Indonesia / Singapore / Philippines / Australia / New Zealand / Vietnam+6012-206 8538 English, Chinese, Malay
    Pakistan / Sri Lanka+6012-2872513 English, Chinese, Japanese, Malay
    Other Asian countries not listed above+603-5191 3308
    India+91-9820265596 English, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi
    Thailand+66-922674459 English, Thai
  • Porex Technologies Sdn Bhd

    Lot PT 74, Jln Hulu Tinggi 26/6,
    Sek. 26, Hicom Industrial Park,
    40400 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

    Tel: +603 51913308
    Fax: +603 51923308
    E-mail: info.asia@porex.com
    Languages Spoken: EN, ZH, MS

  • Porex Technologies SRO China

    302 Tongji Garden, 1033 Kang Ding Road, Jing An District, Shanghai, China.

    Tel: +86 13816245756
    Fax: +86 2164570373
    E-mail: info.asia@porex.com
    Languages Spoken: EN, ZH

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