Introducing Porex Spheres!

August 24, 2015

FAIRBURN, Ga., /PRNewswire/ 
Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a proven market leader and innovator in advanced porous media solutions, has broadened its line of analytical products with POREX Spheres, geometric shaped spherical frits for use in SPE column applications, 96-well plates and pipette tips. 

Used in a broad spectrum of life science and clinical filtration, separation, extraction, and purification methodologies, POREX Spheres help eliminate product assembly orientation issues and facilitate automated manufacturing operations.

The Porex technical certification and performance program further optimizes POREX Spheres through use of proprietary processes to help eliminate potential methodology impurities from molding, packaging and environmental issues. Porex Spheres help deliver precision, accuracy, and reliability with enhanced product configurations and material performance characteristics.

When performance counts, go Round and Round with Porex Spheres and turn your next product innovation into reality.