POREX Clinical Materials and Filters

September 08, 2015



Challenging diagnostic, molecular and micro-device applications require smart-enabling, cost-efficient and critically functioning media and filters. When purity, precision and performance are essential, turn to Porex Corporation, the proven market leader and innovator in advanced porous media solutions.

POREX® Clinical  Materials and Filters are available in sheet and complex three-dimensional structures, in a wide variety of advanced porous media configurations including porous plastics, microporous PTFE, porous polymeric fiber, porous glass fiber membrane, porous composites and functionalized and bio-activated porous media. These robust and third party tested non-leachable and extractable materials, are easy to handle, design and fit optimized and can be incorporated into other structures using common techniques as press fitting, heat staking and ultrasonic welding.

So when performance counts, turn to Porex and see for yourself why POREX materials and filters are the standard of material excellence and the new landscape in diagnostics 

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