Advanced Medical Foam

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For the proper care of chronic and acute wounds, superior absorptive materials offer medical professionals a critical advantage.

Porex's advanced hydrophilic, polyurethane foams and composites feature ultra-pure formulations and optimized absorptive capacities, enhancing patient care and enabling faster healing.

Ideal for a variety of healthcare applications, our foams and composites are highly customizable for specialized wound care performance.'

  • Custom additives
  • Porosity
  • Density
  • Tear strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Softness


Medisponge® Foams

Porex's medical-grade foams combine our leading-edge foam and fiber technologies – producing a hybrid material with increased tear strength and enhanced fluid retention under pressure.

Polymeric fiber webs interspersed throughout a soft hydrophilic foam matrix provide an innovative solution for the most complex wound care challenges.

  • Thickness 3 mm – 7mm
  • Density 95 kg/m3 – 150 kg/m3


Medisponge® SuperSoft™ Foams

Our super-soft medical-grade foams provide a highly absorptive material that’s soothing to the touch.

Available in a wide range of forms and customizations, Medisponge® SuperSoft Foams deliver advanced performance and comfort to diverse wound care and medical applications.

  • Poured or skived to thickness
  • Thickness 3 mm – 5 mm
  • Density 70 kg/m3 – 120 kg/m3
  • Elongation 225% – 145%