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Porex has designed and supplied sintered porous plastic components to the automotive industry since the early 1970s. We designed and developed the first concept of utilizing a porous plastic vent as a flame arrestor for lead-acid batteries, which was a significant safety advancement. Today, automotive industry OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) across the world use Genuine PorexTM components for the design flexibility, part durability, and excellent functionality that our porous plastic parts deliver in these demanding applications.

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Automotive IP Rated PTFE Vents

POREX® Automotive Vents provide consistent pressure stabilization for a wide variety of automotive applications such as exterior lighting, automotive electronics and mechanical systems. POREX vents provide a reliable barrier from dust, water and automotive fluids.

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Battery Vents

POREX® Battery Vents are single and multiple component flame arrestors designed to provide a durable, cost-effective solution that meets all technical and performance requirements of commercial lead-acid batteries.

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Porex offers numerous solutions for automotive filtering and separating applications. Applications include fluid type filters and vents for crank case, urea, hydraulic and other fluid systems. Separation media includes oil/water and fuel/water separation media. To learn more about some of our standard and custom options, please contact us at:

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