Inline Filters

Use inline air and gas filters from Porex to filter laboratory reagents, gas, air, fuel and a variety of other liquids. The tortuous path filter element contained in a solid polyethylene housing traps particles as small as 10 microns. Inline air filters and gas filters are available in 10, 25 and 125 micron sizes with a length of 2.394 inches (60.81 mm). Retention efficiency as tested per ASTM F795-88 in water with particle sizes of 25–30 microns.* Packaged 500 filters to the package and 5 packages to the case.

Catalog No. Filtration Efficiency* Retention Efficiency* Filtration Medium Barbed Casing
6621 10 micrometer 99.3 UHMWPE No
6618 25 micrometer 79.7 HDPE No
6623 125 micrometer 99.9 HDPE No
7438 10 micrometer 99.3 UHMWPE Yes
7439 25 micrometer 79.7 HDPE Yes
8020 25 micrometer 99.0 UHMWPE+carbon Yes
9069 125 micrometer 99.9 HDPE Yes

* Data on file and available upon request.

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