IVD/Molecular Diagnostics

Porex’s molecular diagnostic filters and vents are trusted in various applications within the diagnostic consumables and disposables industries. Our molecular diagnostic filters and molecular diagnostic vents provide critical functionality in micro device and micro fluidic applications. Furthermore, Porex Micro Fluidic Media and Filters are easy to handle with the optimal design to ensure performance, purity, and accuracy.


IVD/Micro Fluidic Media and Filters

Advances in micro fluidic systems have strong potential for detection of a wide range of analytes with reduced sample and reagent volume, lower costs and shorter analysis times. High–fidelity multiplex and multiclass assays that synergize components and achievements in nanotechnology, molecular diagnostics, micro fluidics and microelectronics, have the ability to create new and powerful measurement tools in a small device footprint that meet or exceed today’s analytical performance requirements.

Critical to the function of lab-on-a-chip, molecular diagnostics and POC analysis solutions is the incorporation and use of highly specialized, pure materials and media in the areas of sample filtration and absorption, particulate capture, debubbling, venting, fluid metering, separation and more.POREX Micro Fluidic Media and Filters are the smart enabling materials that provide critical functionality in micro device applications.

Additionally, POREX Micro Fluidic Media and Filters are robust, certified non-leachable and extractable, easy to handle and can be device inserted using common techniques as press fitting, heat staking and ultrasonic welding.POREX Micro Fluidic Media and Filters are available in sheet and complex three-dimensional structures, in a wide variety of advanced porous material configurations including porous plastics, microporous PTFE, porous polymeric fiber, porous glass fiber membrane, porous composites and functionalized and bioactivated porous media.

Blood Filtration Media

Porex's blood filtration media combines high flow rates with effective yet gentle filtration for protection against damage to blood. Our applied porous material technologies offer exceptional purity, chemical resistance, heat tolerance, and full customizations for any blood filtration application.


Urine & Saliva Collection Media Wicks

Porex's collection media eliminates adulteration of test results through ultra-pure production. In addition to customizations in wicking and absorption capabilities for specialized liquid transfer, our engineers optimize collection media performance through proprietary coatings that minimize non-specific binding and further reduce potential contamination.


Lateral Flow Assay Wicks

Combining highly customizable capillary action and industry-leading manufacturing techniques with innovations such as proprietary color change technology, Porex lateral flow assay wicks can satisfy any lateral flow liquid transfer requirement.


Forensic Media

Porex's forensic media enables an array of both presumptive and confirmatory forensic tests. Our commitment to quality control ensures that our customized porous material technologies can be relied on for precise accuracy across forensic disciplines.


In Vitro Diagnostics

Porex's engineers create the porous components for accurate IVD tests in laboratories, clinical settings, and even homes across the planet. Wide ranges in material formulations and designs can be customized for specialized IVD challenges.


Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

Porex's lateral flow assay wicks offer proven performance – they’ve become the industry standard for home pregnancy and ovulation tests around the world. Optimized capillary action, high purity, and proprietary color change technology enable faster testing speeds with more reliable, easier-to-interpret results.


IVD/Micro Fluidic Sample Preparation Systems

POREX® SQ-EASY® Prefilter

Disposable and efficient, POREX SQ-EASY PreFilters are self-contained filtration systems for off-line sample preparation applications. Use in stool, serum, diluted whole blood, urine and throat swab assays. Components sold separately allow for flexibility in tube size and filtration efficiencies. All POREX SQ-EASY PreFilter components are sold separately and packaged 100 or 1,000 to the package.


POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY is the self-contained, positive closure, sample preparation system that collects, filters, transfers and stores buffers, serum, plasma, urine, stool, blood, saliva, and other liquid and viscous bodily fluids and tissues for use in clinical and molecular diagnostic testing. Additional life science applications include use in PCR methodologies and other DNA/RNA extraction procedures. 

All TRANS-IT SQ-EASY components are liquid tight and interlocking with a screw cap positive closure that prevents sample leakage and allows for inter and intra laboratory transport. *Filtration media available in porous glass fiber membrane, advanced porous UHMWPE, HDPE materials and custom material combinations. Components sold separately to allow for application flexibility.

*Data on file and available on request