Liquid Handling

Porex Intake, Inline, ESR, Clinical Pipette Tip and Serological Filters are the porous design solutions chosen by a broad spectrum of pipette and instrument manufacturers to help eliminate aerosol by-pass, degassing, sample carryover and the passage of aqueous based liquid from sample to equipment and instrumentation. Our liquid handling media is utilized in numerous clinical filtration products, including Inline Filters, ESR Filters and Pipette Filters. Below, review the full line of Porex’s clinical filtration products.

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Pre-analytic Serum Filters

POREX® FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filters are a comprehensive sample preparation system designed to reduce instrument downtime, eliminate gel separation particulates and remove fibrin in samples, and allow direct access of samples versus secondary container pour-off. The key to our specimen processing and fibrin removal technology lies in the disposable filter devices that separate serum. The serum, or plasma is separated while removing fibrin from centrifuged whole blood specimens contained in 16, 13, or 10.25mm evacuated blood collection tubes, including Vacutainer tubes. Available in Standard, IB Model, Instrument Specific Model, Dispense, and Dispense+ Models, all FILTER SAMPLER Blood Serum Filters are packaged 100 units to the package and 40 packages to the case.

ESR Filters

The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) determination is a commonly performed laboratory test used to screen for the possible presence of bodily disease or abnormality. The test measures the distance red cells have fallen after separating from the plasma in a vertical ESR pipette and offers simple, safe, economical and highly-accurate Westergren ESR determinations. POREX® ESR Tube Filter Media is designed to draw blood up to the zero mark and act as a protective barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipette.

Serological Pipette Filters

POREX® Serological Pipette Filters help prevent trace carryover contamination caused by aerosols generated during sample aspiration. Porex filters are tested for clinical laboratory methodology compatibility by a third-party reference laboratory. They allow for work practice control of finished products by providing a precautionary measure that reduces the likelihood of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.


See for yourself why the POREX® Liquid Safe Filters exemplify the critical design and functional standards required for today’s serological products versus cotton and colored plug materials that allow liquid and aerosol bypass, that do not protect the pipette aid, and that have potential material residue, shed and methodology incompatibility.



Clinical Pipette Tip Filters

Help prevent trace carryover and instrument contamination caused by aerosols generated during sample aspiration with POREX® Clinical Pipette Tip Filters

Specifically designed for clinical and molecular applications, the inert, patented, hydrophobic POREX Clinical Pipette Tip Filters do not seal or trap samples and allow for sample recovery, even in the event of over-pipetting. Manual, multi-sample and robotic pipette tip filters deliver optimal dispensing and pipetting performance across a wide range of liquid volumes.

Intake Filters

Use with automated instrumentation, bench top dispensers or wherever sample is drawn from a master storage bottle. Disposable filter is manufactured of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) and filters particulate matter down to 10 micron. Attaches to equipment line with glass weight (not provided). Packaged 55 filters per container and 10 containers to the case or 1,000 to the bulk package.

Catalog No. Packaging
6603 Container of 55 filters
6965 Container of 1,000 filters

Inline Filters

Use inline air and gas filters from Porex to filter laboratory reagents, gas, air, fuel and a variety of other liquids. The tortuous path filter element contained in a solid polyethylene housing traps particles as small as 10 microns. Inline air filters and gas filters are available in 10, 25 and 125 micron sizes with a length of 2.394 inches (60.81 mm). Retention efficiency as tested per ASTM F795-88 in water with particle sizes of 25–30 microns.* Packaged 500 filters to the package and 5 packages to the case.

Catalog No. Filtration Efficiency* Retention Efficiency* Filtration Medium Barbed Casing
6621 10 micrometer 99.3 UHMWPE No
6618 25 micrometer 79.7 HDPE No
6623 125 micrometer 99.9 HDPE No
7438 10 micrometer 99.3 UHMWPE Yes
7439 25 micrometer 79.7 HDPE Yes
8020 25 micrometer 99.0 UHMWPE+carbon Yes
9069 125 micrometer 99.9 HDPE Yes

* Data on file and available upon request.