Electronics / Energy

Porex develops porous plastic components used in the manufacturing of many products for the global electrical and electronics markets. Electronic components, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, consumer appliances, lighting, acoustic, energy generation and storage, and general industrial and commercial electronics are among the many segments we serve.

A common use of porous plastics in electronics is to create vented electronics enclosures and housings to keep moisture and dust out while allowing air to flow, or to allow for air displacement so fluid can flow freely. Automotive headlamp assemblies and inkjet printer cartridges are just two examples of typical POREX® Porous Plastics applications. New uses for porous polymer in electronics continue to evolve including highly reflective diffuse surfaces for lighting, diffusion barriers / separators for batteries and fuel cells, thermal management through breathable enclosure skins or conductive polymers, and low dielectric constant materials. Porous plastics' versatility enables a wide variety of applications. Polymer electronics components can be made from numerous base resins with specific property matrices. Typical functionality includes ventilation, wicking, diffusion, filtration, or support for additives within the porous matrix. Specialty functionality includes improved dielectric constant versus solid materials, highly diffuse reflectivity for visible light and high surface area for active thermal management. If you don't see the exact application you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a customized product to meet your specific requirements.

IP Rated PTFE Protection Vents

Protection Vents for electronics housings and enclosure boxes are used in electronic devices that have a physical housing to protect delicate components

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Porex has a diverse portfolio of porous technologies that offer a wide array of solutions for the gas, pressure,...

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Membranes and Separators for Batteries, Fuel Cells and Capacitors

The evolution of the battery to more energy-dense, rapid-charging systems has brought new uses for porous...

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Ink Flow Control Components

As printer technology evolves, Porex continues to leverage the ability of its components to wick, vent, diffuse,...

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Breathable Seals

POREX® Breathable Seals are solutions that deliver advantages of a breathable component seal over a...

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Lighting Components

POREX® Lighting Components help designers make luminaires withstand the rigors of daily use. For...

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Acoustic Vents

Wind screens for microphones, vents for headphones, and general sound dampening are just a few of the acoustic...

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Solar Vents and Components for Renewable Energies

POREX® Solar Vents and Components for Renewable Energies include weather-resistant vents for solar...

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Low Dielectric Material

POREX® Substrates for Flexible Electronics Substrates are specially...

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