Membranes and Separators for Batteries, Fuel Cells and Capacitors

The evolution of the battery to more energy-dense, rapid-charging systems has brought new uses for porous materials such as membranes, separators, catalytic support, and fuel cell membranes. Battery systems can still expand with heat and contract during normal use, so numerous venting configurations are offered to equalize battery pressure and to allow heat flow. Advanced electrode materials, diffusion barriers, and electrolyte carriers are also available to optimize performance in a variety of battery and fuel cell configurations.


WEP = Water Entry Pressure
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant

*f2 rating applies if there is water submersion
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing
† IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test;
will pass condition dependent
‡ Oleophobic Grade 8, AATCC TM 118

Testing results available upon request




Properties are typical and not meant for specifications. Minimum order quantities apply for special orders. Properties for membrane only, selected options and adhesives may affect properties.