Fragrance Delivery

Porex is the original producer of sintered porous plastic components for the consumer market, and we bring our extensive wicking and material science expertise to the fragrance products industry.

Leading companies around the world rely on Genuine Porex products because of the high reproducibility of our manufacturing processes – the billionth part is the same as the first – and because our global operations ensure reliable supply.

The products featured below are examples of customized items we have developed and supply to the fragrance industry. If you don't see the exact application or component you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a customized solution that meets your specific product requirements.

Biological Scent Attraction Wicks

Porex's scent attraction wicks bring advancements in material science to the outdoors.

Featuring super absorbency for maximum scent saturation and ultra-pure formulations for unadulterated scents, our wicks offer controlled diffusion that can be customized for specific scent attraction applications.


Liquid Insect Repellent Wicks

Porex offers a host of performance and price advantages over traditional ceramic wicks used in high-powered insecticide delivery systems.

Our wicks are non-degradable and long-lasting – even at very high temperatures – and provide optimized liquid insect repellent to vapor transfer rates at a much lower price point.


Odor Neutralizing Media

Porex's odor neutralizing media improve the quality of indoor air by eliminating unwanted odors.

Porous fiber structures and highly efficient carbon materials quickly absorb airborne odor-causing agents for effective odor neutralization.


Reed Diffuser Wicks

Porex's reed diffuser wicks offer exceptional performance for passive fragrance delivery with both water- and oil-based fragrance products.

Featuring optimally controlled porosity with customizable evaporation rates, our reed wicks can release fragrances up to three times more quickly than traditional bamboo, without needing to be flipped – for even easier use.

A broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes are available for complete product line customization.


Air Freshener Wicks

Due to optimized capillarity along the entire length of the wick, POREX® Air Freshener Wicks allow efficient fragrance release at a controlled and linear rate. Porex has extensive wicking material expertise across many industries, which has been applied to wicks designed specifically for consumer-branded scented oil and water-based products. The wicks are engineered for optimal pliability such that they seal against the inner wall of the bottle’s neck, yet still offer enough rigidity to support high-speed insert assembly processes. They are available for both plug-in and passive (non-electrical) models.

Perfume Aspirators (Perfume Samplers)

POREX® Diffuser Components are designed for use in perfume aspirators, which are single-use perfume sampling devices. The fragrance solution is securely contained until activation, when fragrance is dispersed at a consistent rate of release. Porex developed this diffuser product for a whole new generation of perfume samplers to simplify packaging and to reduce materials and production costs. 

Toilet Freshener Wicks

POREX® Toilet Freshener Wicks feature a customized reservoir with distinctive capillary qualities. The reservoir holds detergent within its pore structure when not in use, then releases the detergent during flushing cycles. The reservoir also acts as a wick, which provides a controlled rate of detergent release. Freshener components provide dependable and consistent detergent disbursement with every activation.