Bioprocessing Media

POREX bioprocessing materials and productsCombining unique Porex manufacturing processes with proprietary and patented technologies, POREX® BIOPROCESSING Media and Filters are third party tested for non-leachable and extractable interfering substances or additives.

Available in sheets and complex three dimensional structures material configurations include advanced porous materials, microporous PTFE, porous polymeric fiber, porous glass fiber membrane, porous composites and functionalized and bio activated porous media.

Bioprocessing Media and Filters

Diagram showing POREX bioprocessign media and filtersPOREX® BIOPROCESSING Media and Filters are the smart enabling, porous materials that provide the critical functionality in single-use bioprocessing applications.

When your product or application call for spargers, pre-filters, floating filters, wicks, vents, tangential flow filters or more, POREX is the answer.

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