Medical Devices

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Porex pioneered the use of sintered porous plastic components for the healthcare industry. Today, we are the leading producer and supplier of these products to the industry. Our long history of innovation in porous plastics design, materials selection, and proprietary manufacturing processes provides cost-savings, enhanced performance, and convenience for a wide range of medical device applications.

The products featured below are examples of customized items we have developed and supply to the healthcare industry. If you don't see the exact component or application you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a product solution for your specific requirements.

OR Devices

Medical devices from hospital central vacuum systems to arterial syringes, urine bags, catheters, and surgical adhesive applicators depend on POREX® Porous Plastic solutions for their purity, ability to withstand sterilization, and compatibility with high-speed manufacturing processes.

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Healthcare-associated infections are a serious worldwide problem – persisting as a leading cause of preventable death and increasing the cost of medical care.

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Porex designs and develops media retention filters that are used in the production of dialysis systems, such as those that utilize concentrated liquid sodium bicarbonate. Filters can be customized to accommodate device design requirements.

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Drug Delivery / Pharma

Inhalers, nebulizers, spray pumps, and other drug delivery devices utilize various Porex filtration, venting, and drug reservoir solutions. Customized part geometries can accommodate various device requirements.

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Medical Packaging

Porous plastic sterilization vents, designed and developed by Porex, allow pressure equalization during the sterilization process and also serve as a filter barrier during storage. The vents are designed for reusable steam sterilization containers and for single-use steam or ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization packaging.

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