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If it's not Porex, it's not Genuine.

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Throughout the years, Porex custom plastic fabrication has enabled leading companies worldwide to solve complex engineering challenges that improve product performance and safety while reducing costs at the same time. Genuine Porex™ components are engineered to meet stringent performance and quality standards, and our highly reproducible custom polymer fabrication manufacturing capabilities ensure confidence that the billionth part to come off the line will be the same as the first.

If you don't find the exact custom plastic fabrications or products you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a custom polymer fabrications component that meets your specific requirements.

Pneumatic Filters

POREX® Pneumatic Filters work together with regulators and lubricators (FRL units) in pneumatic systems to provide clean and conditioned air/gas required to drive or power pneumatic machines. Porex filter designs for pneumatic machinery offer outstanding performance and are a low-cost alternative to traditional sintered-metal filters. The single-component molded filters provide an excellent combination of particulate filtration efficiency and air flow/back pressure performance, while complying with strength and aesthetic requirements. Collectively, pneumatic filter features ensure high levels of reliability, efficiency, and longevity for pneumatic machinery.

Fluidizing Sheets

In powder coating systems where powder is supposed to flow like water in a fluidizing container, POREX® Fluidizing Sheets help provide a uniform and evenly distributed air supply stream. Exacting specifications are met through a specialized molding process that consistently produces fluidizing sheets with evenly distributed pore sizes and airflow characteristics. Fluidizing sheet quality and performance is carefully checked using specially designed test devices and procedures, which ensures confidence with every use. 

Membrane Support

Custom designed and developed for specific end-use applications, POREX® Membrane Support Media are used as substrates for fragile membrane to provide structural strength and enhanced performance. These substrates are available in an assortment of materials such as polyethylene (PE ) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and in various customized molded geometries. 

Plastic Filter Housings

POREX® Plastic Filter Housings are self-contained preliminary filters for both gases and fluids. They are designed to protect laboratory and dentistry equipment, pneumatic controls units, pumps, and motors. Available in different sizes (1/8” to 3/4”) and porosities (5, 35 and 80 micrometer polyethylene filter unit), POREX Plastic Filter Housings provide high corrosion and chemical resistance* and are also an economical pre-filtration alternative for potable water and reverse osmosis systems.

* Chemical compatibility data available upon request.

Pneumatic Silencers

POREX® Pneumatic Silencers can effectively reduce pneumatic equipment noise. The mufflers are engineered to provide an optimal balance between noise reduction and acceptable backpressure in the pneumatic system. The porous plastic silencers offer numerous advantages over metal acoustical silencers, including significantly lower weight, greatly improved corrosion resistance, ability to filter particles and aerosols, durability, assembly speed, and cost efficiency. They are offered in an extensive selection of sizes designed to fit most standard valves, including NPT, BSP, M5, and "push-in" styles. The silencers are also designed with a solid integrated threaded adapter to ensure easy mounting on pneumatic equipment. 

Vacuum Hold-down Sheets for Cutting Tables

Porex engineers created POREX® Vacuum Hold-Down Sheets to help manufacturers in the automotive, textile, and furniture industries more efficiently draw mass quantities of upholstery, fabric, and textile roll stock flat onto vacuum-based cutting tables. Our Vacuum Hold-Down Sheets incorporate a specifically designed porous surface through which a vacuum can be efficiently drawn to pull the fabric or textile flat onto the table for computer-based cutting. These sheets feature a high Rockwell hardness to withstand repeated scoring from a mechanical razor as well as an open pore structure that minimizes vacuum loses through low backpressures.