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POREX® Plastic Filter Housing

POREX Plastic Filter Housings are an economical alternative for filtering applications used in chemical, pneumatic, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Available in different porosities, POREX Plastic Filter Housings are designed to clean both gases and fluids and provide high corrosion and chemical resistance (chemical compatibility data available on request) to meet the most challenging filtering problems. POREX Plastic Filter Housings exemplify the critical design standards and precision molding required for today’s technological products.


  • Ultra-Pure Photochemical Filtration
  • Pneumatic Control Protection
  • Preliminary Filter in Front of Pumps and Motors
  • Rinsing Water Filters  in Drink Automats
  • Reverse Osmosis System Preliminary Filters
  • Filters for Use in Medicine  and Dentistry
  • Laboratory and Analysis

Models and Accessories

POREX Plastic Filter Housings are available in two design casings – a small head with a short or a long cup and a large head (dimensions shown below). Filter housings come standard in white; however, other color options are available based on quantity requirements. Alternatively cups can be offered in transparent design. Each standard polyethylene filter element is available in three different porosities. Further porosities can be produced given that a certain quantity is required.

  1. Size of Head Connection (Material: 20% GFR Polypropylene)
  2. Porosity of Polyethylene Units: 5μm, 35μm and 80μm Meshes of stainless steel units: 50µm, 100µm and 300µm (PP support core necessary)
  3. Material Beakers: Polyamide (transparent); 20% TR Polypropylene (white)
  4. Material Seal Ring: NBR (black), EPDM (white), FKM (green)

Filter Unit Soiling

Use transparent filter cups for simple, quick inspection of the filter unit soiling. More economical polypropylene beakers are available for applications not requiring constant control. 

Changing Filter Unit

Simply unscrew the head from the beaker and remove the filter unit. The filter unit is inserted into the head using a press fit (PE unit) or by clamping (stainless steel unit with support core). Change the seal with every filter change to ensure that the housing remains properly sealed. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for proper assembly of the filter housing.