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Porex Sample Preparation Products

Clinical Sciences | Life Sciences

For maximum performance, accuracy and reproducibility, turn to POREX Sample Preparation Products. Uniquely designed for use in demanding diagnostic, liquid handling, processing and storage applications, POREX Sample Preparation Products combine unique manufacturing processes with proprietary and patented technologies.

  • Fibrin and Gel Particulate Removal
  • Primary Tube Direct Sampling
  • 7 Day in Tube Storage*
  • One Step Filtration, Dispensing and Storage
  • Swab, Stool, Synovial and Nasopharyngeal SampleClean-up
  • Instrument Degassing
  • Third Party Certified Technical Performance

FILTER SAMPLER Blood Serum Filters

A comprehensive system designed to reduce instrument downtime, eliminate gel separation particulates and fibrin in sample and allow direct access of sample versus secondary container pour-off. Disposable devices separate serum or plasma from centrifuged whole blood specimens contained in standard 16, 13, or 10.25mm ID collection tubes. All FILTER SAMPLER Blood Serum Filters are packaged 100 units to the package and 40 packages to the case.

Standard Model

Use when the filtered serum or plasma can be immediately poured off for analysis. Use with glass collection tubes.

standard module products

Instrument SpecificTM Model

Permits direct sampling from primary collection tubes and helps eliminate specimen relabeling and add-on products as sample cups and tubes. Use with glass or plastic collection tubes.

Instrument Specific Model

IBTM Model

Prevents ionic contamination and pH changes and contains a leak-resistant one-way valve to permit storage of capped specimens in primary collection tube for up to seven days.* One-way valve permits a physical gap to be created between the serum/plasma and clot, which prevents backflow into the primary collection tube. Use with glass or plastic collection tubes.

IB Model

FILTER SAMPLER® Dispense Filter System

A convenient, three-in-one closed filtration system that filters, pipettes and stores samples. A restricted opening provides effective specimen closure and helps protect personnel from contamination due to aerosols and infectious fluids. The dispense filter maintains sample integrity and eliminates the use of transfer pipettes, add-on products and closures. 

Use with glass collection tubes.

FILTER SAMPLER® Dispense+ Filter System

Designed specifically for 13mm plastic collection tubes, the Dispense+Filter System is a one-step, self-contained filtration, dispensing and storage device used to deliver centrifuged serum or plasma. Eliminates the need for disposable pipettes, add-on products and capping materials. Restricted opening acts as a cap closure.

POREX® Piston Filter

A time-saving device used in procedures involving particulate filtration, including water quality analysis, clinical diagnostic and veterinary analysis, food and beverage analysis and other filtration applications involving particulate filtration. The POREX Piston Filter contains a filter with an average pore size of 50 microns, but has an effective filtration rate of 25 microns due to the tortuous filtration path of the filter element. All POREX Piston Filters are packaged 100 units to the package and 40 packages to the case.

POREX® INLINE™ Reagent and Degassing Filter

Use to filter laboratory reagents, gas, air, fuel and a variety of other liquids. The tortuous path filter element contained in a solid polyethylene housing traps particles as small as 10 micrometers. Available in 10, 25 and 125 micron sizes with a length of 2.394 inches (60.81mm). Retention efficiency as tested per ASTM F795-88 in water with particle sizes of 25-30 microns. *Packaged 500 filters to the package and 5 packages to the case.

POREX® INTAKE™ Reagent Filter

Use with automated instrumentation, bench top dispensers or wherever agent is drawn from a master storage bottle. Disposable filter is manufactured of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) and filters all particulate matter down to 10 micron. Attaches to equipment line with glass weight (not provided). Packaged 55 filters per container and 10 containers to the case or 1,000 to the bulk package.


Disposable and efficient, POREX SQ-EASY PreFilters are self-contained filtration systems for off-line sample preparation applications. Use in stool, serum, diluted whole blood, urine and throat swab assays. All components are liquid tight and interlocking to prevent sample leakage. Components sold separately allowing for flexibility in tube size and particle retention. 

A wide variety of filtration materials are available including porous UHMWPE, HDPE (high-density polyethylene and glass fiber. Reagents can be impregnated directly into the filter materials.

All POREX SQ-EASY PreFilter components are sold separately and packaged 100 or 1,000 to the package.

POREX® SQ-EASY™ Filter Tip

(Assembled with filter medium)



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