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POREX® Nibs: If it's not Porex, it's not Genuine.

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Since 1961, POREX® Nibs have been the smart choice for leading companies who want to get to market efficiently and need a highly reproducible and reliable supplier that operates on a global scale.

Porex is the original producer of porous plastic nibs to the writing instrument industry. Today, we continue to set the performance standard for writing nibs supplied for highlighters and children's coloring markers.

POREX Nibs can be custom-designed using special material formulations to optimize marker system requirements. And, the highly reproducible Porex manufacturing processes ensure that the billionth nib produced will be the same as the first.

POREX® eNib™

Our newest nib product, the POREX® eNib™, is designed for use with whiteboard inks. It can also be formulated to wick pigmented, solvent-based inks such as inks for artists' markers and permanent markers.

The patented eNib™ allows for a consistent flow of ink for the life of the marker. In dry erase inks, the unique material helps provide a quiet writing experience, reducing the irritating screech commonly seen with fiber products. The nib also holds its shape with less deformation at the end of life as compared to other nibs.

POREX® nibs

POREX® Nibs are designed for a broad array of writing instrument applications such as highlighters and children’s coloring markers. Molded nibs provide a smooth writing feel and the strength and shape required, either with or without a vent groove. Vented nibs allow for ease of assembly, while ensuring the functionality of the capillary system without ink leakage.

Engineered to meet customer performance specifications, POREX® Nibs are available in a wide selection of standard wedge, bullet, and conical designs. They can also be custom designed to meet customers' specific needs, as well as with special material formulations to optimize capillary systems.

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