Performance-driven, time-tested Porex material technologies deliver a wide range of possibilities designed to overcome your most complex product challenges. For over 50 years, we have specialized in venting, wicking, and filtering technologies to engineer custom porous plastic solutions for a multitude of product applications. In addition to our material science and porous media application expertise, we offer a full line of versatile raw materials and global production capabilities to meet your diverse market needs.

Porex invites you to explore the following application and material options. Questions are welcome: contact us for more information or to learn about developing a unique solution for your specific product design challenges.


In 2003, Porex developed antimicrobial porous media as an effective solution against bacteria and fungi. Continuing its history of innovation, Porex has now developed Porex® Barrier Technology™, a microbicidal technology that goes beyond inhibiting microbial growth on surfaces; it kills microbes in liquid and gas streams on contact.

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POREX® Porous Plastics are self-supporting and inherently hydrophobic, making them ideal for a wide variety of venting applications in healthcare, consumer, and industrial markets. A broad range of standard and custom solutions is available.

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Porous plastics are used in acoustic applications ranging from wind and debris protection to sound dampening. Because Porex can customize the shape, porosity, and base material and additives within our products, very specific results are possible in tackling complex acoustic application challenges.

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Porex has been designing and developing fluid transfer (wicking) systems utilizing porous plastic materials for 50 years. From consumer to healthcare products, we can develop customized applications that meet your specific requirements.

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Filtration / Separation

POREX® Porous Plastic Filter Materials have been utilized for decades in demanding filtration and separation applications. Explore how our material science expertise and filtration and separation application experience can enable your product development objectives.

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Crossflow Filtration

Porex has a long history of innovation in high-solids filtration and separation applications. Our solution-oriented approach to specific filtration challenges continues to open new paths of innovation for a wide range of customers in the healthcare, industrial, and consumer markets.

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Porex has a long history of designing and manufacturing porous plastic and porous fiber components utilized in a variety of sparging and diffusion applications – from industrial to consumer. See how our diffuser product design and development expertise can enable the achievement of your product objectives.

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Media Support

Porex has been designing porous plastic support and retention media for over 30 years. Our time-tested expertise in material science, customized material type selection, and part design can assist in the success of your product development goals.

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Thermal Management

Heat generated by electrical inefficiencies or from external environmental conditions can lead to premature failure of electrical components. Porex tackles these problems with solutions from porous vents that are designed to allow heat to escape while keeping dust and moisture out to heat conductive porous plastics that are designed to provide enhanced heat flow.

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Porous Plastics

POREX® Porous Plastics are engineered from various polymers with controlled pore sizes to provide outstanding strength, durability, chemical resistance, resiliency, and design flexibility across multiple applications.

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Porous Polymer Fibers

When Porex enabled the rapid production of fiber components from a range of staple (cut) bi-component and specialty fiber materials, it opened the door to numerous new blends and fiber combinations for multiple markets.

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Porous Glass Fibers

Clinical and life science products demand rigorous purity standards, excellent strength and highly stable mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. POREX® Porous Glass Fibers deliver the required results, consistently and precisely.

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