Absorbing - the uptake of a fluid to hold and not leak, overflow or spill


Absorption is one of the most common – and crucial – means of controlling liquids. In cleaning applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and trap contaminants can mean the difference between a sterile or compromised environment. In medical applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and contain liquids like blood and exudations can mean the difference between life and death. Porex Filtration Group applies a variety of polymeric fiber and polyurethane foam technologies for regulated absorption.  

Customers needing advanced wound care dressing solutions with increased absorptive capacity, greater tear strength, and high fluid retention under compression – but still with a soft, and comforting feel is available for you. We created a medical-grade foam-fiber hybrid material featuring a fiber web throughout a super-soft hydrophilic foam matrix. Our solution dramatically increased absorbency while enhancing overall performance and comfort, providing an ideal absorption solution for critical medical applications that enabled faster healing of acute and chronic wounds.