POREX® Battery Vents - Flame Arrestors

POREX® Battery Vents

In 1974, Porex introduced the very first porous plastic vent designed and engineered for use as a flame arrestor for lead-acid batteries. To date, Porex has produced over a billion porous plastic vents supplied to leading battery manufacturers throughout the world. POREX® Battery Vents are utilized as single and multiple component flame arrestors and designed to provide a durable, cost-effective venting solution that meets the technical and performance requirements of commercial lead-acid batteries. In addition to preventing sparks from entering the battery, Porex battery vents provide controlled airflow, venting of gases, and optimized back pressure reducing the risk of acid spillage and aerosol emissions. 

 Prior to achieving first to market status with porous plastic vents for batteries, Porex was the first company to develop and commercialize molded sintered porous plastic components — in 1961. Our continued expertise in material science and product development allows us to create products that are engineered to perform to exacting customer specifications and expectations.  

Porex is proud to feature our Malaysian Manufacturing Facility as our Center of Excellence for production of battery vent products. Porex Malaysia offers quality assurance programs and highly reproducible manufacturing processes that instill confidence — the billionth part is the same as the first. Producing in Malaysia also significantly shortens the supply chain to our many customers throughout Asia.

Features Include:

  • Malaysian Center of Excellence specializing in Battery Vent Production
  • Available in multiple materials (PE, PP, & other polymers)
  • Durable, cost-effective solutions that meet technical and performance requirements
  • Controlled airflow, venting, and optimized back pressure
  • Reduced risk of acid spillage and aerosol emissions
  • Easy assembly using heat welding


  • Color coding for easy identification
  • High temperature performance
  • Customized dimensions & geometries
  • Tight tolerances

Listing of Standard Battery Vents

POREX® Battery Vents are available in a wide range of standard geometries and dimensions.

In addition to standard items, products may be customized to meet specific geometrical and performance requirements, including high temperature performance, custom air-flows, and dimensions.

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