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Genuine Porex™
Genuine Porex™

Porex was the first to develop and commercialize molded sintered porous plastic components in 1961. Since then, we’ve worked with companies around the world to create innovative solutions that overcame some of their most challenging design & engineering problems.

Our expertise in material science and product development allows us to create prototypes that are engineered to perform to exacting customer specifications and expectations.  And, with our highly reproducible manufacturing capabilities, you can be confident that the billionth part will be the same as the first.

The “Genuine Porex” label is a promise that the product has been rigorously designed and tested to meet the highest standards of performance.  Only Genuine Porex products offer confidence in fit, function and performance derived from over 50 years of product development and supply experience.

 So, remember: if it’s not Porex, it’s not Genuine.

Certified Pure Porex™
Certified Pure Porex™

A comprehensive technical performance and media certification program with third party testing by independent analytical, clinical and life cycle microbiology laboratories.

Known for its innovative solutions, Porex brings a wealth of experience to the design and manufacture of porous plastics, porous polymeric fibers, porous glass fiber media, porous composites, functionalized porous media, bio-activated porous media and other high performance porous materials. In addition to product innovation, Porex now offers the life science and healthcare industry the advantages and peace of mind provided by using certified filtration, venting, wicking and media support products.

The Pure Porex™ certification substantiates POREX® Filters and Materials for filter purity, no material additives or contaminants, no heavy metal interference or inorganic element interference, clinical laboratory methodology compatibility, 99.9% bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency. Porex Filters and Materials were further tested by independent laboratories and determined to be non-cytotoxic and non-hemolytic.1

1 Testing by independent laboratories. Data on file and available on request.