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    p-BNC: Flexible Platform for Microfluidic Testing White Paper

    This white paper presents a collaborative effort to develop a versatile Programmable Bio-Nano-Chip System for research and clinical applications. The case study highlights prototype microfluidic cartridges, integrating expertise from the McDevitt Research Group, MiniFAB’s manufacturing design, and custom components from Porex.

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    Soft Mist Inhaler for COPD Management Case Study

    An application case study showing how a custom porous polymer component solved multiple challenges to facilitate easier inhalation of medication in COPD patients.

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    Portable Oxygen Concentrator Case Study

    An application case study highlighting how Porex engineers solved the problem of too much noise, material stability, and sterility with one component for a portable oxygen concentrator.

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    Nasal Spray for Migraine Attacks Case Study

    An application case study showcasing the exceptional advantages of customized multi-functional components in nasal spray devices for drug delivery. Discover how these components enable efficient administration of medication directly to the Central Nervous System (CNS), resulting in immediate absorption and effective migraine relief.

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    EV Battery Safety Burst Vents Case Study

    A global leader in designing and manufacturing automotive parts was developing an innovative ventingcomponent for EV Battery Packs with the specific safety requirement of mitigating battery fires due tothermal runaway and off-gassing. Though these risks are not often happenstance, it’s a failure modecomponent that is required and quickly becoming a global standard in every battery […]

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    Partnering with Cerus to Set the Standard for Blood Transfusion Safety Case Study

    CERUS Corporation needed a partner to supply components for the inactivation of pathogens in platelets and plasma. Porex has collaborated with CERUS, a medical device manufacturer, to develop the INTERCEPT™ Blood System. This innovative system aims to minimize the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections by effectively neutralizing a wide range of pathogens that may be present […]

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    Automotive ECU Enclosure Protection Case Study

    An Engine Control Unit (ECU) connected to the motor assembly system is the brains of the engine. To protect the ECU component, an IP-rated protection vent was required, to prevent damage to electronics due to the harsh environmental and operational conditions. Our customer came to Porex seeking a venting solution. They found in their current […]

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    Partnering with Crayola Video

    This video showcases Porex’s longstanding partnership with Crayola. Our HR site manager at Porex Richmond shares an inspiring story about the impact Crayola markers have had on her non-verbal son’s life. The video also features insights from Crayola’s COO and highlights the Porex Richmond team responsible for marker reservoir operations and R&D.

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    Partnering with Cerus for Global Blood Supply Safety

    CERUS, a medical device manufacturer, partnered with Porex to create the INTERCEPT™ Blood System. This groundbreaking system is designed to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections by efficiently neutralizing a broad spectrum of pathogens that might exist in donated blood. Porex played a crucial role by developing the porous media that incorporates the essential functional […]

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