Bioprocessing Media

Customizable media and filters for single-use bioprocessing applications.

Robust and versatile media for single-use bioprocessing applications

Bioprocessing media and filters, including spargers, floating filters, wicks, vents and pre-filters for tangential flow filtration can be used in a wide range of applications.

Our POREX® bioprocessing media are:

  • Offered in a wide range of material options, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), porous polymeric fiber and polytetrafluorethylene (POREX® Virtek™ PTFE) that provide critical versatility and functionality in single-use bioprocessing applications.
  • Scalable, robust and easy to work with, so that they can be incorporated into various production assembly processes.
Bioprocessing media and filters

Bioprocessing Media and Filters

A comprehensive porous material solution 

Bioprocessing Media and Filters

Bioprocessing MediaA comprehensive porous material solution 

As a complete porous materials solution, POREX® bioprocessing media provide critical functionality and performance in single-use bioprocessing applications.

Our bioprocessing media and filters:

  • Are robust and easily incorporated using common techniques such as press-fitting, heat-staking and ultrasonic welding.
  • Ensure performance, accuracy and reproducibility–CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials and filters are rigorously tested and qualified by independent analytical, clinical and life cycle microbiology laboratories to help insure the purity demanded in bioprocessing applications.
  • Comply with regulatory standards–POREX bioprocessing media and filters are USP Class VI, Gamma sterilization and TSE/BSE compliant.



Applications Include

  • Spargers
  • Prefilters
  • Wicks
  • Vents
  • Tangential flow filters
  • Floating filters

Formats Available

  • Sheets
  • Tubes
  • Complex three-dimensional structures

Material Offering

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous PTFE (POREX Virtek™)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bioactivated porous media

Bioprocessing Media & Filter Diagram


8-20 Micron average pore size polyethylene  

2.5 L/min air flow  |  5 L/min air flow  |  10 L/min air flow

Bubbler 1 Bubbler 2 Bubbler 3

10-30 MICRON average pore size polyethylene  

2.5 L/min air flow  |  5 L/min air flow  |  10 L/min air flow

Bubbler 4 Bubbler 5 Bubbler 6

20-40 Micron average pore size polyethylene

2.5 L/min air flow  |  5 L/min air flow  |  10 L/min air flow

Bubbler 7 Bubbler 8 Bubbler 9

*1/2” OD tube
*Pore size measured by mercury intrusion porosimetry


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