Increase performance and safety of energy systems

With its broad portfolio of venting and filtration technologies, Porex provides customized solutions to make energy storage and generation safer and more reliable.

Wind & Solar detail

Wind and Solar

POREX® protection vents and filters help renewable energy systems run more reliably. Our venting solutions repel water, dust and dirt, and allow the device to breathe during heating and cooling cycles. Our vents are more durable, more easily welded to plastic housings, and more customizable to your specifications than competitive vents. Our diverse filter media offering can be utilized in both liquid and air applications.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Manufacturers across the oil and gas industry trust Porex for its broad portfolio of filtration and venting media. From bonded fiber to porous plastic media, customizable filtering and venting solutions from Porex can meet your specific filtration efficiency, assembly, manufacturing, and water separation needs.

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Battery Protection Vents


For almost 60 years, Porex has been supplying components into battery applications. From the simple, yet efficient flame arrestor for lead-acid batteries to separation media used in flow cells, Porex's broad portfolio can help your battery system function at peek performance.

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