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Porex was the first designer, developer, and supplier of molded sintered porous plastic products for use in appliances and tools. Leading companies around the world rely on POREX® Filters, Vents, and Diffusers for their durability, consistency, and reliable performance. And with our highly reproducible molded porous plastic products manufacturing capabilities, you can be confident that the last part off the line will be the same as the first.

The sintered porous polymer products mentioned below are examples of customized items we have developed and supply. If you don't see the exact application or item you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a customized product application to meet your specific requirements for molded porous polymer products.

Oleophobic Vents for Marine & Small Engines

POREX® Oleophobic Vents for Marine & Small Engines are designed, when combined with the functional design of the hydrocarbon absorbing system, to enable manufacturers of marine and small engines to comply with EPA standards for reduced hydrocarbon emissions.  Porex Oleophobic Vents will not absorb fuel or allow the passage of fuel past the vent, but they will allow for optimal air-flow exchange between the fuel tank and the hydrocarbon absorbing system.

Aquarium Bubblers

POREX® Aquarium Bubbler Components are standard equipment for use as bubblers in fish tanks and aquariums. Bubblers are designed for efficient introduction of gas bubbles into water, controlled backpressures for consistent introduction of gas streams into water, and a pore-size distribution that produces smaller bubbles in order to optimize oxygen transfer into the aquarium tank.

Fuel Filters

POREX® Fuel Filters are designed for use in two-cycle engine yard tools such as chain saws, edgers, blowers, and line trimmers. The filters are compatible with two-cycle gasoline mixtures to optimize filtration efficiency and fuel flow rates as well as to provide efficient, cost-effective filtration. Fuel filter designs for effective filtration regardless of tool orientation (tilted or upside-down) are also available.

Gas Cap Vents

Manufacturers use POREX® Gas Cap Vents in gasoline tank caps for lawn and garden equipment such as line trimmers or chain saws. Our vents offer consistent vent rates and equalization of a gas tank’s pressure during use and prevent gasoline from escaping the container. They are oleophobic and highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. In addition, POREX Gas Cap Vents may be directly welded either thermally or ultra-sonically to a range of plastic cap materials. 

Oil Filters for Home Heating Systems

Engineered for use in home heating systems, POREX® Oil Filters feature flexible designs offering varied shapes, sizes, and ranges of filtration efficiencies, all of which provide high oil flow rates. POREX Oil Filters also feature an insert-molded polypropylene (PP) base that is threaded for ease of cartridge connection when replacing spent filters. These filters are cost-effective and easy to replace.

Power Tool Air Filters

Many branded consumer power tools such as random orbital sanders and finishing sanders use POREX® Power Tool Air Filter Components. These filters are engineered not only to meet specified filtration efficiency, airflow, and pressure drop requirements, but also to be rigid, rugged, and reusable. Porex’s expertise in consumer filtration applications can help you design the most efficient, durable filters for your specific product.