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POREX® Diagnostic Materials and Filters

Sample and Absorbent Pads • Conjugate Release Materials • Sample WicksPOREX® SQ-EASY™ PreFilters • Spin and Column Filters

Why Choose POREX Diagnostic Materials and Filters?

POREX Diagnostic Materials and Filters help deliver precision, accuracy and reliability to meet the most challenging IVD, Biotech and Molecular Diagnostic applications. Fabricated from a wide array of polymeric materials that range in performance from PTFE to high-density polyethylene, POREX Diagnostic Materials and Filters are designed to meet the most challenging filtration, venting, wicking, diffusion and media support applications.

POREX® Diagnostic Materials feature an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores that offer exceptional performance on and below the surface. The structure can vary from particle beads to fibrous materials. Our proprietary design process results in superior strength, durability, chemical resistance, design flexibility and long-term value advantages.

POREX® Diagnostic Filters include self-contained filtration systems and materials for use in traditional diagnostics and in DNA isolation, Solid Phase Extraction, PCR clean up and Oligonucleotide synthesis in Biotech and Molecular Diagnostic applications.


POREX® Diagnostic Materials

Sample and Absorbent Pads

POREX® Sample and Absorbent Pads are available in sheets, rolls and custom configurations to suit a variety of manufacturing processes. Super absorbent pads for lateral flow applications and custom saliva collection pads help provide reliable and predictable sample flow and reagent delivery

Conjugate Release Material

Conjugate release materials are critical in lateral flow diagnostic assays. POREX® Conjugate Release Material has very low affinity for conjugated gold and releases quickly and completely. Available in sheets or rolls.Sample WicksPOREX® Sample Wicks are designed to transfer liquid quickly and accurately.

Sample Wicks

POREX Sample Wicks are the design solution for critical wicking and liquid uptake requirements. Available in sheets or rolls.



POREX® Spin and Column Filters are the porous design solutions chosen by a broad spectrum of spin kit, 96 well column and deep well filter plate manufacturers to help facilitate Biotech and Molecular Diagnostic isolation, filtration and clean-up applications. Porex filters, commonly known as frits, are used in applications including:

  • Isolation of DNA from body fluids
  • Isolation of high-purity plasma or cosmid DNA
  • PCR clean-up prior to sequencing
  • Oligonucleotide synthesis
  • Solid Phase Extraction

POREX® SQ-EASY™ PreFilters

Disposable and efficient, POREX SQ-EASY PreFilters are self-contained filtration systems for off-line sample preparation applications. Use in stool, serum, diluted whole blood, urine and throat swab assays. All components are liquid tight and interlocking to prevent sample leakage. Components sold separately allowing for flexibility in tube size and particle retention. A wide variety of filtration materials are available including porous UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and glass fiber. Reagents can be impregnated directly into the filter materials.

All POREX SQ-EASY PreFilter components are sold separately and packaged 100 or 1,000 to the package.