IP Rated PTFE Protection Vents

Why choose Porex® Virtek Ip rated protection vents?

Protection Vents are used for electronics housings that need to allow air to flow in or out of enclosure while preventing water, dust and other contaminants from harming the electronic circuits.
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POREX® VirtekTM protection vents are the most durable on the market and are able to withstand handling, ultrasonic welding, and heat bonding without additional support material.  See the Porex difference for yourself.
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POREX® VirtekTM Environmental Performance
- Flammability: UL 94 V-0 (0.1mm) and 5VA (0.75mm) flame rated,
- Outdoor weatherability UL 746C f1 rated,
- Ingress protection:  IP ratings up to IP67, and can be tested to meet NEMA or other standards.


Portable Electronics Enclosure Vents 

POREX Portable Electronics Vents protect electronic enclosures of cell phones, digital cameras, headphones, wearables, and more. POREX vents offer great protection from dust, water, and immersion, while also maintaining high quality acoustic performance. POREX vents come in adhesive discs and sheets as well as custom 2D and 3D forms and shapes.



Home Electronics Enclosure Vents

POREX Home Electronics Vents are made for home electronics that are extensively used with water and other liquids. These vents can be used in products such as razors, electric toothbrushes and other applications. Porex vents protect products from foreign substances such as dust, and household liquids, as well as rapid pressure changes due to temperature differences.



Lighting Vents

POREX Lighting Vents protect lighting enclosures from dust and other liquid contaminants while providing reliable pressure stabilization. Porex protective vents are used in industrial lighting, commercial outdoor lighting, outdoor decorative lighting and other custom applications. POREX vents come in adhesive discs and sheets as well as custom 2D and 3D forms.



Automotive Vents

POREX Automotive Vents provide consistent pressure stabilization for a wide variety of automotive applications such as exterior lighting, automotive electronics and mechanical systems. Porex vents provide a reliable barrier from dust, water and automotive fluids. POREX vents come in adhesive discs and sheets as well as custom 2D and 3D forms and shapes.



Outdoor Electronics Enclosure Vents

POREX Outdoor Electronics Enclosure vents provide reliable pressure equalization and protection from rough outdoor conditions for applications such as heavy- duty machinery, transportation equipment, security systems, telecommunication systems, and more outdoor applications. POREX vents come in adhesive discs and sheets as well as custom forms.



WEP = Water Entry Pressure                                                                                   RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant
*f2 rating applies if there is water submersion                              ** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing                                  † IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test;
will pass condition dependent                                                                ‡ Oleophobic Grade 8, AATCC TM 118

Testing results available upon request


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