Liquid Handling

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Certified Pure POREX™ Pipette Tip Filters

POREX® Pipette Tip Filters are specifically designed to help eliminate aerosol bypass, sample carryover, and the passage of aqueous-based liquid to equipment and instrumentation. Inert, hydrophobic filter tip media solutions are designed for optimal fit, function, resilience, and porosity.

FORTRESS™ Pipette Tip Filters

FORTRESS™ liquid barrier pipette tip filters raises purity to a new level and helps ensure accuracy in liquid handling applications. The inert and additive-free innovation uses a proprietary polyethylene (PE) matrix material to block liquids, aerosols and sample carryover to prevent aerosol cross-contamination and methodology interferences while also allowing for non-contaminated sample retrieval.  

The industry’s first pure liquid barrier filter can help deliver more precise results and improve laboratory operational quality, consistency and purity. Applicable for both manual and robotic liquid handling needs. The innovation also allows laboratory professionals to simplify and standardize their inventory and create product usage uniformity.Diagram showing how the POREX FORTRESS™ Pipette Tip Filter protects collected samples from contamination during pipetting

  Watch a NEW VIDEO about FORTRESS® Pipette Filters for Liquid Handling on our YouTube channel.

ESR Filters

The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) determination is a commonly performed laboratory test used to screen for the possible presence of bodily disease or abnormality. The test measures the distance red cells have fallen after separating from the plasma in a vertical ESR pipette and offers simple, safe, economical and highly-accurate Westergren ESR determinations. POREX® ESR Tube Filter Media is designed to draw blood up to the zero mark and act as a protective barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipette.

Robotic/Automation Filters

POREX® Robotic/Automation Filters meet the critical tolerance levels of today’s robotic pipette tips and automated liquid handling products. Maximum consistency in air flow, filter purity, and aerosol containment help instrument and consumable manufacturers deliver optimal pipetting and dispensing performance across a wide range of liquid volumes.

Pipette Cone Filters

POREX® Pipette Cone Filters are used at the pipette shaft base to help prevent fluid and liquid vapor contamination of samples and the pipette’s internal mechanisms and components. Inert, hydrophobic filter tip media solutions are design-optimized for fit, function, resilience, and porosity.

Serological Pipette Filters

POREX® Serological Pipette Filters help prevent trace carryover contamination caused by aerosols generated during sample aspiration. These filters allow for work practice control of finished products by providing a precautionary measure that reduces the likelihood of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Serological Pipette Overview & Value Proposition

POREX® Liquid Safe Filters exemplify the critical design and functional standards required for today’s serological products versus cotton and colored plug materials that do not function as a filter, allow liquid and aerosol bypass, do not protect the pipette aid, and have potential material residue, shed and methodology incompatibility.

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