Advanced Wound Management

Why Source Your Advanced Wound Care Foam from a Competitor?
POREX® is your dedicated manufacturing & development team, unmatched in expertise, product range, capabilities & support.

We Help You Bring Products to Market. We Are Not OEM for Advance Wound Care Foam - That’s Not Our Business Model.

Your POREX® Team partners with you to develop innovative and practical solutions to meet your advanced wound dressing demands. We have at our disposal a broad range of the latest options in our medical grade foam capabilities and customizations.

Featuring our MEDISPONGE®, MEDISPONGE® SUPERSOFT™, & New ANITMICROBIAL Advanced Wound Care Foam Technologies. Your POREX Team will custom tailor the right solution to meet your unique requirements; not have you conform to ours.

Sound refreshing? That’s the POREX difference, we are vested in making your brand a success…not more interested in a house brand (because we don’t have any)!

Medical Grade Foam: The Ideal Wound Care Dressing

Independent Manufacturing Source - POREX is the largest independent pre-polymer and foam producer, so we control all aspects of producing your medical foam. We do not make or sell finished wound dressings, therefore our focus is on making you successful with your brand!

Customization and Toll Capabilities - POREX can adapt our medical foam technology to your proprietary product characteristics including active ingredients, additives and laminates. We also have skiving, slitting, and laminating capabilities in our ISO 13485 certified facility.
Full Wound Spectrum - From primary to secondary dressings covering wounds including ulcers, lacerations, incisions, donor sites, peristomal and infected wounds. POREX offers options to handle these with multiple thicknesses and absorptive capabilities.

Ideal for standard and customized dressing requirements, POREX medical foam technology gives you the unsurpassed performance and reliability your wound dressing customers demand.


For more than 50 years, POREX has perfected the art of porous technologies. Learn more about how we might just have the solution for you.

Medisponge® Foams

Porex's medical-grade foams combine our leading-edge foam and fiber technologies – producing a hybrid material with increased tear strength and enhanced fluid retention under pressure.

Polymeric fiber webs interspersed throughout a soft hydrophilic foam matrix provide an innovative solution for the most complex wound care challenges.

Medisponge® SuperSoft™ Foams

Our super-soft medical-grade foams provide a highly absorptive material that’s soothing to the touch.

Available in a wide range of forms and customizations, Medisponge® SuperSoft Foams deliver advanced performance and comfort to diverse wound care and medical applications.


Nanosilver Antimicrobial Foam

The broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of silver can help manage healthcare associated infections.

Superior protection and patient comfort
• Uniform distribution of active ingredients in foam
• Consistent, sustained release
• Higher long-term efficacy with less silver
• >99.99% efficacy for Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungal species
• Non-adherent, fast wicking and highly absorbent

Scar Management Foams

POREX®’s wound care management expertise provides the perfect foundation for scar healing and minimization. Our foams combine the tensile strength for pressure therapy with the ideal moisture and oxygen levels for healing.

The perfect moisture and pressure levels for scar reduction
• Lower porosity for higher moisture levels
• 350% elongation makes application for pressure therapy easier
• Lower density makes for more comfortable, less obtrusive daily wear