Drug Delivery

At Porex, innovation is our foundation: our products list is only the beginning. Every day, our research scientists and engineering teams are creating new porous materials products and solutions to meet your needs and solve your specific challenges. For decades, we've helped medical device ideas come to fruition and go to market. Our medical products are developed specifically to meet the requirements of medical professionals and manufacturers alike. Have an idea? Need a custom solution? Contact us and let's get started.

Drug Delivery Reservoirs

POREX® Drug Reservoirs are loaded with a powdered pharmaceutical agent (e.g., nicotine) and incorporated into a drug delivery device (e.g., a smoking cessation device). Porex can develop the reservoir either from porous plastic or porous fiber materials, depending on the design and mechanical requirements of the reservoir. Both types of materials are engineered for dosage accuracy and structural integrity. They are optimized for loading and absorption of the drug into the porous material and for statistical consistency of drug dose release, as well as for air flow and chemical resistance. Customized part geometries can accommodate varied device requirements.

Oral Inhaler Filters

Customized POREX® Inhaler Filters are used in metered dose inhalers to deliver measured amounts of pharmaceutical agents to patients via oral-bronchial administration. The replacement air is filtered into the device during dosage administration and the filter protects the pharmaceutical agent from contamination by airborne microbes. These filters are optimized for pore size, airflow, and dimensional tolerances based on device requirements and specifications and are designed for the most demanding production requirements. In some inhalers, the filters are also used to protect the device's mechanical valves from particles of dry powder. They can be customized to promote preservative-free packaging.

Nebulizer Filters

Our POREX® Nebulizer Filters offer a two-fold advantage when assembled into a nebulizer, a device that converts liquid to an aerosol for inhalation of medication. They filter the air as it is drawn into the device through the air inlets and, in some device designs, they also act to muffle the noise the device creates. The nebulizer filters are designed for easy assembly into the nebulizer and offer three-dimensional molded part designs that are inherently strong and create a better seal than fiber filters when press-fit into nebulizer devices. 

Nasal Spray-Pump Vents

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies rely on POREX® Spray-Pump Primer Vents in spray-pump delivery devices (e.g., nasal sprays, topical sprays). Our vents can be designed to promote preservative-free packaging while maintaining sterility of the pharmaceutical agent by incorporating antimicrobial additives into the structure of the porous vent material. The vents provide optimized air flow resistance and performance as specified by the functional requirements of the specific device. They are designed for superior chemical resistance, physical and structural integrity, and are engineered to offer customized part geometries for varied device requirements.