OR Devices

At Porex, innovation is our foundation: our products list is only the beginning. Every day, our research scientists and engineering teams are creating new porous materials products and solutions to meet your needs and solve your specific challenges. For decades, we've helped medical device ideas come to fruition and go to market. Our medical products and porous operating equipment is developed specifically to meet the requirements of medical professionals and manufacturers alike. Have an idea? Need a custom solution? Contact us and let's get started.

Extended Life Filter Valves

Porex's extended-life filter-valves utilize multi-material construction to protect hospital waste removal systems from both liquid contaminants and smoke damage.

Our engineers combine hydrophobic fiber smoke filters with self-sealing porous plastic filter-valves – producing a patent-pending advancement that simultaneously acts as a suction canister vent, smoke filter, and automatic shutoff valve.

This protects against dangerous liquid contaminants while eliminating premature suction canister shutoff in surgeries with high smoke output – saving time for healthcare professionals and reducing distractions in the OR.


Suction Canister Filter-Valves

Porex's suction canister filter-valves play a critical role in operating room waste removal systems, protecting sensitive surgical equipment from liquid contaminants.

Our specially formulated porous plastic enables high air-flow rates, while a uniformly impregnated microscopic additive swells exponentially on contact with any aqueous liquid, preventing system leakage in a self-sealing reaction.


Surgical Absorption Media

Porex's medical-grade absorption media provide sterile solutions in fluid control for surgical procedures.

Our precision-engineered absorption elements range from absorptive components specially fitted for specific surgical devices to super-absorbent surgical pads, all of which can be customized for any specialized application.


Adhesive Applicators

POREX® Adhesive Applicator Wicks are designed for fluid-based applicator devices used as sealing agents for wound closure, such as topical surgical incisions. Adhesive applicator wicks can also act as filters if the solutions are mixed and expressed from crushed glass ampoules. The wick design offers optimal wicking rate of the liquid adhesive from the reservoir to the tip surface, which is then used as the applicator. It also provides specified lay-down of the liquid adhesive from the applicator to the wound surface. The wick’s strength and pliability ensures appropriate press-fit seal between the wick applicator and the device’s exterior barrel, and also allows for automated assembly processes. Adhesive applicator wicks can be sterilized by either gamma or ethylene oxide (EtO) processing.

Arterial Syringe Vents

POREX® Arterial Syringe Vents are engineered to eliminate blood bypass in arterial syringe devices to protect healthcare workers from exposure to blood and bloodborne pathogens when collecting blood samples from patients. These vents are comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive that immediately swells upon contact with blood or other fluids. They are optimized for desired airflow and pressure-drop characteristics generated by arterial pressure and are compatible with ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization processes.

Fluid Management

Hospital central vacuum systems support many devices used in surgical procedures. POREX® Self-Sealing Filters are designed to help maintain the integrity of these systems. Our self-sealing filters are used in fluid collection canisters, which filter the air and protect the vacuum system lines from contaminants in the fluid contained within the collection canister. They are comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive that immediately swells upon contact with fluids. The valve automatically and instantly shuts off airflow from the collection canister when collected fluids come in contact with the filter, thereby maintaining system integrity.  The single-body design meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needs for high-volume, single press-fit assembly.

Fume Absorbers

POREX® Porous Fume Absorbers are used for the convenient and efficient eradication of noxious fumes generated in the cement-bone mixing process during surgical procedures in hospital operating rooms. The fume absorber is a porous plastic disk that sandwiches activated carbon material between two layers of porous film. This design creates a porous fume filter that supports balanced air flow rates, optimal back flow pressure, and out-gas residence times. Specified part geometry accommodates device fit requirements, such as simple press-fit assembly into the mixing device.

IV Catheter Vents

POREX® IV Catheter Vents are self-sealing vent components assembled into IV catheter devices. The IV catheter is a medical device that is inserted into a patient’s vein and serves a number of important functions: to obtain blood samples from patients, to introduce fluids such as sterile saline, or to administer drugs such as IV antibiotics. IV Catheter Vents contain a functional additive that immediately swells upon contact with fluids, including blood. This eliminates blood bypass in the “flashback chamber,” which protects healthcare workers from exposure to blood and bloodborne pathogens. The self-sealing catheter vents are optimized for desired airflow and pressure drop characteristics under venous pressure and are compatible with ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization processes. They are specifically designed for high-volume, automated assembly processes.