Porex uses advanced processing technologies to create a variety of vented closures that are engineered to exacting specifications. Many POREX® Vented Closures feature porous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is naturally hydrophobic; the porous PTFE vents allows for constant controlled vent rates while retaining aqueous solutions.

With our global scale, highly reproducible manufacturing capabilities, and advanced material science expertise, Genuine Porex™ packaging vents can meet industry performance standards that other suppliers can't match.

In addition to PTFE, Porex offers a range of porous materials that may be utilized in packaging products. If you don't find the exact material or application you're looking for, please  contact us to discuss how we may develop a customized component that meets your specific requirements.

Vents For Cap Closures & Liners

Many industrial and consumer container products can become bloated, collapsed or even explode...

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