Vents For Cap Closures & Liners

Many industrial and consumer container products can become bloated, collapsed or even explode due to unequalized pressure during processing, transportation or storage. Porex vents are designed to enable the container to “breathe” and thereby equalize pressure within the container preventing distortion and damage of the container.

Porex has developed several material selections of porous plastic vents that address industrial and consumer packaging requirements allowing for container integrity. Porex porous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a weldable, breathable, leak-resistant material solution for industrial and consumer vented liners and cap closures. It is designed for use with solvent or water-based solutions, granular or powder chemicals, food and beverage, or for use with low surface tension fluids such as oils, detergents, surfactants, and more. Porex polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) vent materials are also available based on the application temperature, liquid and chemical properties of the material within the container.

Material Performance

PTFE Material Format

Porex PTFE is a sintered material with excellent strength properties allowing for vigorous handling
during assembly. Porex PTFE does not require a reinforced backing, but this option is available upon
request. In addition, both sides of the vent material are the same, which does not require special
orientation during assembly. 

Assembly Options for Porex Vents

Press-Fit Plug (PE/PP, PTFE)
Press-fit plug type is an easy assembly method that “conforms” the material to the
desired shape. There is no welding process required for this type of assembly method.

Ultra-Sonic Weld or Heat Seal (Discs/Membrane)
Ultra-Sonic welding or heat sealing require welding of the vent material directly to the cap
or the liner. Porex can supply either in disc form (loose or with adhesive backing), A4 sheet form,
or in a standard roll form for this type of assembly method.