Writing Instrument Nibs

POREX® Nibs: If it's not Porex, it's not Genuine.

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Since 1961, POREX® Nibs have been the smart choice for leading companies who want to get to market efficiently and need a highly reproducible and reliable supplier that operates on a global scale.

Porex is the original producer of porous plastic nibs to the writing instrument industry. Today, we continue to set the performance standard for writing nibs supplied for highlighters and children's coloring markers.

POREX Nibs can be custom-designed using special material formulations to optimize marker system requirements. And, the highly reproducible Porex manufacturing processes ensure that the billionth nib produced will be the same as the first.

Polyester Fiber Nibs (PET)

Our polyester fiber (PET) nibs deliver consistent writing performance with nearly any kind of ink.

We select the ideal polyester fiber and bonding resin combination for customer requirements and then cutand grind each nib to perfect shape—each and every time. With complete control over porosity and dimensionality, our polyester fiber nibs deliver uniform flow, measured write-out, and lasting durability.

EveraNib by POREX®

Innovative Nibs. Endless Possibilities.

Introducing EveraNib – a revolutionary new nib that offersendless possibilities to designers and manufacturers ofwhiteboard markers.

The industry’s first “tri-nib”, EveraNib is made of threelayers of highly customizable, porous material that won’tfray or mushroom out. This unique, staged capillary designallows for high ink flow and sharp clear lines.

EveraNib can be molded into a variety of unique, 3Dshapes as well as standard wedge, bullet and conicaldesigns. With the billionth piece as robust, durable and longlastingas the first, EveraNib is a reliable and cost-effectivechoice for your whiteboard markers.

Sintered Particle Nibs

Our PE nibs offer more than a luxuriously smooth write-feel to end users, they provide companies that market on a global scale with industry-leading consistencyand reliability.

Our engineers select the optimal material formulation for each specific customer and application. We then determine the ideal mix of porosity and capillarity before we mold nibs to perfection. The end result is a writing instrument with exceptional flow and highly controlled ink laydown.

Writing Instrument Reservoirs

Porex's ink reservoir redefines ink delivery dependability, offering the highest performance in extreme conditions – even high-altitude flights. The capillary transfer expertise and porous material technologies have evolved into a comprehensive line of ink reservoirs used by market leaders across the planet.

Specially formulated bonded-fiber blends and 100% fiber-to-film sealed wraps are just the beginning – nearly any aspect of our writing instrument reservoirs is fully customizable.

Materials: PET Fibers, Polyester, Polypropylene
Wraps: Extruded Polypropylene, Extruded Nylon, Extruded Polyester, Film or Non-Woven, Customer Exclusive, or Unwrapped

  • Reservoirs with indicators
  • Angle cuts
  • Custom wrappers
  • Venting grooves
  • Venting grooves with wraps
  • Cross sections


Stamping Pads

Porex's stamping pads offer dynamic ink transfer performance at an economical price.

Our fibers and foams provide uniform ink flow for sharp details and consistent impressions with a variety of inks. We take the value further with capillary designs for resisting dry-out and extending time between re-inking.

  • Dye-based
  • Pigment
  • Permanent
  • Archival
  • Distress and embossing
  • Viscous liquids like paints and glues