The prevalence of hospital acquired infections has driven advances in antimicrobial technologies. In 2003, Porex developed antimicrobial porous media as an effective solution against bacteria and fungi. Continuing its history of innovation, Porex has now developed Porex® Barrier Technology, a microbicidal technology that goes beyond inhibiting microbial growth on surfaces; it kills microbes in liquid and gas streams on contact.

Porex Barrier Technology can be integrated into our porous media for venting, filtering, wicking, and diffusing applications for medical devices. It is effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, virus, and fungi. Porex Barrier Technology can be applied in medical devices to help reduce infections caused by airborne and blood/fluid contact exposures.

JIS Z2801:2000 Test Methodology

The Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z2801: 2000 or JIS Z2801 is an industrial standard method to quantify antimicrobial activity level of an antimicrobial surface, especially for a hydrophobic surface. The method provides reproducible quantitative results for both microbiostatic and microbicidal properties for solid surfaces.

 Antimicrobial porous media

Liquid Filtration

Liquid filtration testing was performed to measure the ability of Porex Barrier Technology to remove E. coli from a liquid stream. In this test a small disk was placed into a filter holder. The disk was challenged with 5.5 liters of water containing 690,000 CFU/ml of E. coli. The test was run at a flow rate of 1 liter per minute over a 5 minute and 30 second time period. Samples of the effluent were taken at 4 different time points during the test. The testing of the effluent samples showed no growth of E. coli.

 Microbicidal technology