Porex expands its membrane materials with POREX® BioDesign™ Glass Fiber Media, the simple, pure and acrylic binder-free line of borosilicate glass membranes.  This media integrates porous polymer materials (plastics and fiber) with microfiber glass, synchronizing the excellent strength of polymers with a variety of fiberglass functionalities as well as eliminating acrylic binders that could pose risk of potential contamination.

POREX® BioDesign™ Glass Fiber can be used in a wide range of medical, clinical and life science applications, such as pre-filtration, sample preparation, analytical testing and diagnostic testing. Genuine Porex™ materials are specifically developed to meet the rigorous performance and purity standards required in today’s scientific and clinical environments.


Borosilicate Glass
Borosilicate Glass
  • binder free
  • high loading capacity
  • high biomolecular binding
  • fast flow rates