In addition to porous plastic media, Porex offers material expertise in bonded and nonwoven fiber media. Our production methods utilize synthetic fiber binding processes to produce parts cost-effectively and with a wide assortment of extruded profile geometries. A blend of polymeric fibers bonded together for ideal fluid handling capillary structures. Materials include polyester, polyolefins, nylon, cellulosic, acetate and other fibers.

Porex has extensive experience with numerous fiber material combinations used to satisfy a wide range of fluid transfer product requirements for medical, industrial, and consumer markets. The material is carefully selected based on customer criteria.

Fiber Characteristics Example:

  • Pore sizes range from 2 microns to greater than 100 microns
  • Chemically and high-temperature resistant
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic
  • Custom 3D shapes, custom colors, roll stock and die-cutting
  • Produced in an award-winning ISO 9001:2008 facility
  • Additives include activated carbon, zeolites, pigments, surfactants, reagents and concentrates
  • Dimensional forms in 2D and 3D

PE/PET fiber
  • engineered for excellent fluid transfer properties
  • good thermal bonding properties maintain part integrity during normal transportation, storage, and use
  • highly inert and resistant to chemicals

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PET/PET fiber
  • engineered for excellent fluid transfer properties
  • higher thermal bonding properties for use in higher temperature applications
  • excellent part rigidity

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