The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Mastering Absorption: Controlling Liquid Retention & Release with Porous Polymers

Recorded on:
July 28, 2020

13:00 Malaysia Standard Time
14:00 Japan & Korea Standard Time
15:00 Australia Eastern Standard
10:30 India Standard Time

Absorption is one of the most common – and crucial – means of controlling liquids. From collecting and holding a biological sample for testing to helping transfer makeup from an applicator to the skin, absorption is a function with major impact on the everyday lives of consumers.  Absorptive materials can trap harmful contaminants and fluids or serve as the first step in delivering a desired formula. In cleaning applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and trap contaminants can mean the difference between a sterile or compromised environment. In medical applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and contain liquids like blood and exudations can mean the difference between life and death.

Innovations in polymeric fiber and polyurethane foam technologies, as well as foam-fiber hybrids, enable this heightened performance.  Porous polymers offer increased absorptive capacity and controlled liquid retention & release – in addition to a carefully engineered balance of durability, flexibility and comfort. When outfitted with the proper material components designed to provide measured absorption, life-saving medical devices and consumer goods can interact with liquids in the way they should–upholding standards of safety and the end user experience.

Who should watch this webinar:

Perfect for design and manufacturing engineers who either have a potential product concept or need to fix a problem with an existing product, this webinar will explore the science behind absorption and how to pick the materials most suitable for your design needs. 

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Learn the science behind different types of absorption and how each type is used in various applications
  • Understand how the fluid being absorbed (and/or released) and the desired absorption rate impact the choice of material and technology
  • See the technology in action in specific application examples

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Rahul Maharsia is the Global Director of R&D for Porex Corporation

Host Biography:

Rahul Maharsia, Global Director of R&D at Porex

Rahul is the Global Director of R&D for Porex Corporation, a business of the Filtration Group. Porex is a porous materials manufacturer headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with product development and manufacturing facilities in the US, Germany, Scotland, Malaysia and China. Rahul has a diverse experience of over 14 years in the areas of Innovation, R&D and Operations for the oil & gas, medical, industrial, and consumer markets. At Porex, Rahul leads a global initiative to develop a robust and sustainable R&D pipeline through an inclusive and holistic approach to innovation. Rahul holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a PhD Degree in Engineering from Louisiana State University.