Bringing UV-C Light into the New EU Renovation Wave

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Oct. 9, 2020

By Gerry DiBattista, VP of Marketing – PTFE

The use of UV-C light to deactivate pathogens has garnered a great deal of attention since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Although in use for over 100 years, the use of UV-C energy for disinfection of surfaces, water and air has now gone mainstream.  In fact, in a press release dated September 16, LightingEurope – the voice of the lighting industry in Europe – is now recommending to the European Commission that the use of UV-C light be included in the new EU Renovation Wave that is part of the European Green Deal driving climate neutrality.  LightingEurope has even published a position paper on the benefits of using UV-C disinfection to combat the COVID-19 virus. While this position is not currently law, numerous public and commercial spaces are quickly evaluating the addition of UV surface, air and water disinfection systems to make work and public places safer. 

To optimize efficiency and energy use under these proposed directives, I’m proud to say that our Porex Virtek® PTFE material and its extremely high level of UV reflectivity can play a big part in combatting COVID-19.  With upwards of 97% efficiency, Porex Virtek PTFE can enable the most efficient use of UV energy in any disinfection system. 

To learn more about Porex Virtek reflective PTFE, check out our Reflective Media section or register to watch our free archived webinar on How to Optimize UV Disinfection Efficiency using Microporous PTFE.