Today, Porex Corporation employs over 700 people around the world and serves over 1,300 customers in 65 countries. Known as a porous materials industry leader and innovator, Porex parts and products are used in everything from consumer products such as children's markers and home scent diffusers to medical and bioscience devices such as dialysis systems and DNA research equipment.

It all began 50 years ago in a small building on Bay Street in Fairburn, Georgia.

The roots of innovation

It was early 1961 when Mr. Bob Dickey, a research scientist, started a small business making sheet material out of various polymers to be used in a caustic fluid separation process. The porous plastics industry was in its infancy: Mr. Dickey and his two employees refined sintered porous plastics for commercial production purposes.

Shortly after incorporation of Porex Materials Corporation on April 27, 1961, Mr. Dickey and his employees applied the technology they had developed to making porous plastic nibs for writing instruments. They produced a line of products under the POR•X brand name, with sales reaching $1 million in 1968.

The unique properties of porous plastics materials combined with the groundbreaking design and engineering expertise of Porex employees fostered multiple applications serving increasingly diverse industries through the years. In 1971, Porex acquired a small start-up company, UniChem, which had an idea for producing an improved filter for blood serum that contained a porous plastic filter. This product, which is marketed as the POREX® FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filter, quickly became the industry standard and today remains the most widely used manual serum filter.

In later years, markets for a broad range of porous plastic products such as battery flame arrestors, pneumatic filters, mufflers, water filtration components, and medical components kept the company growing at a rapid rate. In 1989 the Company expanded into Europe, followed by additional European and Asian expansion through the 1990s and into the present day with the most recent expansions occurring in China in 2009.

Porex innovation today

Porex is a pioneer and global leader in the development and manufacturing of sintered porous plastic products. With three core business units – Porex Technologies OEM, Porex Branded Filtration, and Porex BioScience – the Company develops innovative solutions for healthcare, consumer, and industrial markets with products addressing filtration, wicking, venting, diffusion, thermal management, and many other application needs.

Yesterday and today, Porex is dedicated to porous material innovation. Our outstanding technological expertise and experience, constant commitment to quality, and dedication to customer service continue to distinguish Porex products in the global marketplace. From our international facilities, Porex employees use our state-of-the-art technologies to design, sell, produce, and ship the porous plastic products that help make life better for millions around the world.