New capabilities allow global manufacturers to design more sustainable products with sintered particles, bonded fiber and open-cell foam materials

(Fairburn, GA – November 18, 2020) To continue the mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive, Porex, a global leader in porous polymers, has announced sustainable product development capabilities to help manufacturers with early product development across all three porous technology platforms.

By working with Porex’s experts in material innovation and leveraging the latest technologies for sintered particles, bonded fiber and open-cell foam, manufacturers can create more sustainable products that can be used in a myriad of applications in the air care, cosmetics, diagnostics, consumer, healthcare and industrial markets.

The sustainable product development initiative is a part of Porex’s global sustainability program that prioritizes advancements in four focus areas: material innovation, supply chain, community and waste and recycling. The announcement of Porex’s sustainable product capabilities kicks off Porex’s first area of focus, material innovation, which sets a specific goal to reduce the company’s use of virgin plastics in new products by 25 percent by 2025.

“We are committed to long-term sustainability and the adoption of green business practices,” said Avi Robbins, vice president, global product development and R&D at Porex. “Porex has already been leading efforts in sustainability by using recycled content such as resins from PE and PET packaging in innovative ways. Our sustainable product development capabilities only intensify our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and support our customers by being their partners in innovation and helping them meet their own sustainability goals.”

Porex’s sustainable product development activities cover all three porous polymer technology platforms: sintered particles, bonded fiber and open-cell foam. Drawing from a diverse depth of expertise, Porex selects the optimum sustainable material based on the customer’s unique product application and works collaboratively with the customer to develop the final product. Sustainable materials for use in porous polymer components include – but are not limited to – recycled polyethylene (PE) and polyester fiber (PET); biodegradable PE, PE fiber, and PET fiber; and bio-based polyurethane. 

Each technology platform serves a range of markets and product segments. Sintered particles feature well-defined, complex 3D geometries suitable for filters or wicks used in plug-in air fresheners or insecticide applications. Bonded fiber solutions feature flexible 2D geometries that provide wicking, absorption and release functions critical for diagnostic applications such as sample collection materials used for saliva- and urine-based tests and reservoirs for writing instruments. Open-cell foam materials are highly absorptive and can be made antimicrobial for applications including wound care and cosmetic products.

Porex continues to accept early development projects, serving as a partner in innovation across an array of industries. To learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts and material capabilities, visit www.porex.com/sustainability or watch the sustainability webinar led by Robbins.  If you are ready to talk with us about a sustainable product you are developing, please reach out to us via the Design Request form on www.porex.com/sustainability.

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