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Medical Devices

Innovative porous materials for medical devices

Maximize Your Product’s Performance with the Benefit of Porex Material Science Expertise

As a partner for the world’s leading manufacturers in the regulated medical device industry, Porex solves numerous technical challenges with unique, high-quality, porous polymer components and resources. With diverse manufacturing environments and global locations, Porex provides the security of high-quality, consistent products designed and supplied to your requirements.

Inhalation Devices

Designed into components of oral inhalers, nasal inhalers, pump sprays and nebulizers, porous polymers can be used to direct flow with precision, meter dosing, and filter out viruses and bacteria.

Injectable Devices

Porex custom-designs filtration and venting components for injectable devices including infusion pumps, wearables, glass ampoule and auto-injectors, reusable syringes, IV catheters and arterial syringes.

Topical Applicators

Topical Applicators

Our specialized applicator reservoirs and applicator nibs improve the fluid-based application of substances to the skin, such as sealing agents for wound closure.

Dialysis Media Retention Filters

Dialysis Media Retention Filters

Explore our range of dialysis media retention filters to enhance the performance and reliability of your dialysis procedures.

Infusion Therapy Set Filters and Vents

Infusion Therapy

With expertise in membrane technology and a commitment to safety, we provide reliable, tailored solutions for infusion therapy devices, enhancing performance.

Ostomy and Urine Bag Vents

Porex specializes in designing and developing customized solutions to enhance the comfort and hygiene of ostomy and urology care devices.

Enclosed Disinfection Systems

Infection Prevention

POREX® solutions include sterilization container reusable filters, safety IV catheter vents, suction canister filters, and fume absorbers.