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Infection Prevention

Porous component solutions for infection prevention devices

Elevate the performance of your infection prevention devices through continuous innovation

Through decades of partnering with the world’s leading companies and brands of infection prevention devices, Porex is the leader in innovation and high-performance solutions for design challenges in filtering, venting, and wicking applications. Porex® porous media include sterilization container reusable filters, safety IV catheter vents, suction canister filters, and fume absorbers. By developing custom solutions to meet current product design challenges, we help companies innovate new infection prevention products to capture a competitive edge.

Sterilization Container

Sterilization Container Filters

Porex Virtek® reusable filters are made of sintered PTFE to deliver substantial performance, convenience and cost savings over traditional single-use paper and textile filter materials.

Infection Prevention

Catheter & Syringe Vents

Our safety IV catheter vents and arterial syringe vents protect health care workers and can be optimized for specific devices and for high-speed automated assembly.

Suction Canister

Suction Canister Filters

Made of porous plastic with a functional additive and designed to be self-sealing, our standard and custom Porex® suction canister filters help maintain the integrity of hospital central vacuum systems.

Fume Absorber

Fume Absorbers

Porex® porous fume absorbers are used in bone cement mixing devices to conveniently and efficiently eradicate noxious fumes generated in the mixing process during surgical procedures.