Laboratory Filtration

Enhancing Precision and Purity in Laboratory Filtration Processes

Laboratory Filtration Solutions for Precise Analysis and Purification

Discover Porex’s comprehensive range of laboratory filtration solutions designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your analytical processes. From sample preparation to purification, our advanced porous materials and innovative filter designs ensure reliable results and optimized workflow in various laboratory applications. Collaborate with Porex to elevate the quality and effectiveness of your filtration techniques.

FORTRESS Pipette Tip Filters

Pipette Tip Filters

An optimized pipette filter assures that scientific instruments meet the highest quality standards.

Water Seperation Media

Sample Preparation

Optimize sample preparation with POREX® multi-function devices. Reduce errors and achieve accurate results.

InTake Filters

Intake Reagent Filters

Pure component materials designed to meet or exceed the tightest analytical performance requirements

SPE Frits and High Throughput Automation Filters

Chromatography Media Support

Expert solutions for chromatography filters. Customizable media for precise separations.

Gel Filtration Media Support

DNA & RNA Purification

Cost-effective solutions for rapid nucleic acid purification and extraction.