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DNA & RNA Purification and Extraction Media

Cost-effective solutions for rapid nucleic acid purification and extraction

High recovery of filtrates and analytes with no cross-contamination between wells

Alternatives to glass fiber engineered specifically for each customer, Porex advanced porous solutions remove particulates quickly and efficiently in a broad range of DNA/RNA purification and extraction applications, including spin columns, gel filtration and deep well filtration. 

Spin Column Media & Support

POREX® offers a variety of filters for DNA/RNA extraction and purification techniques in a range of porous materials including PE, PP, POREX Virtek® PTFE and other porous media.

Our spin column media and support:

  • Increase binding capacity and recovery of nucleic acids–Functionalized membranes offer surface modification or sorbent addition.
  • Deliver a high recovery of nucleic acids–Purity of filter media combined with inert support media hold medium in place, helping bind nucleic acids to the media.
  • Are purity tested by independent laboratories – CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials ensure performance, accuracy and reproducibility.

Gel Filtration Media Support

  • Gel filtration media are used for the analysis of molecular size, separations of components in the mixture, salt removal or buffer exchange for a preparation of macromolecules. Porex provides media support that holds the functionalized stationary phase in place, ensuring repeatable column performance. POREX® gel filtration media:
    • Deliver quick and efficient desalting, buffer exchange and removal of low molecular weight compounds through an inert and functionalized porous membrane.
    • Provide enhanced functionality through surface modification or sorbent additions such as CPG, carbon, C8 or C18.
    • Are design optimized for purification and desalting of oligonucleotides, proteins, small molecules from nucleic acids, etc.
    • Are tested by independent laboratories – CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials ensure performance, accuracy and reproducibility.

Deep Well Plate Filter Media

  • Used for high recovery of filtrates and particulate retentates, POREX® deep well filter media are designed for high-throughput sample processing. Our POREX deep well filter plate media features:
    • High sample recovery for many processing techniques including filtration, vacuum filtration, centrifugation or other positive pressure techniques.
    • Minimal contamination–Porous material structure prevents cross talk between adjacent well walls.
    • Proprietary surface modification – Materials allow multiple functionalities or sorbent addition, including CPG, carbon C18 or C8, and media is suitable for vacuum filtration, centrifugation or other positive 

Options for customizing DNA & RNA purification and extraction media

Key Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate cross-contamination between wells with CERTIFIED PURE POREX® material to guarantee filter purity with no material additives or contaminants and no heavy metal or inorganic element interference.
  • Deliver high recovery of filtrates and particulate retentates, and functionalized membranes provide high recovery of analytes.
  • Are tested by independent laboratories – CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials ensure performance, accuracy and reproducibility.


      • Filter Media Purity – no material additives or contaminants
      • No Heavy Metal Interference
      • No other Inorganic Element Interface
      • Clinical Laboratory Methodology Compatibility
      • 99.9% Bacterial Aerosol Filtration Efficiency
      • Non-Cytotoxic
      • Non-Hemolytic

Geometric Options

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • 3D geometric shapes
  • Molded and die-cut discs

Material Options

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous PTFE (Porex Virtek)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bioactivated porous media
Product Number Airflow
(Min. @70mbar)
(Typ. @70mbar)
Dry Filtration
BM10 14 30 200 360 1.0 260
BM15 25 84 30 120 1.0 260
BM20 50 90 10 80 1.0 260
BM25 11 20 200 400 1.5 260
BM30 16 50 120 200 1.5 260
BM35 25 60 40 140 1.5 260
BM40 25 55 20 100 1.5 260
BM45 8 18 220 430 2.0 260
BM50 16 40 80 200 2.0 260
BM55 18 50 50 180 2.0 260
BM60 25 50 20 140 2.0 260
BM65 6 12 250 450 3.0 260
BM70 14 32 90 230 3.0 260
BM75 14 35 70 245 3.0 260
BM80 15 40 20 200 3.0 260
BM105 1 2.5 800 1000 1.0 260 0.1µ
BM110 0.75 2 800 110 1.5 260 0.1µ
BM115 0.5 2 820 1150 2.0 260 0.1µ
BM120 0.25 1 840 1400 3.0 260 0.1µ
*WEP = Water Entry Pressure
** Test results to be available in the future
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications. Selected options and adhesives may affect properties
Complete testing data and information is available upon request – all exceeded the standard BFE value of 98%
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant (PFOA Free)
Porous Laboratory Components

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