Area of Expertise


Keep Automobiles Safe with Porex Porous Solutions 

Filtration & Venting Solutions Tailored to Your Automotive Needs

The automotive industry is constantly evolving with manufacturers pushing the envelope of what is possible. From the electric vehicle (EV) transition to integrating more and more electronics, automobile manufacturers trust Porex porous polymer components to address their most complex venting and filtration challenges – optimizing their vehicle’s performance and, most importantly, ensuring their customers are safe 

Vents for outdoor Lighting

Lighting & Electronic Venting

Safety is at the forefront of every automobile manufacturer’s mind. Porex’s solutions for automotive lighting and electronic venting applications can help keep your passengers safe and equipment protected against the potential hazards of batteries, electronics, lighting components, and more. 

Oil & fuel water separation media for automotive engines

Filtration & Separation Media

For automotive manufacturers, keeping the engine running at peak performance and for an extended life is critical. Porex offers customized filtration and venting materials to effectively separate oil mist from air streams and water from fuel streams to project injection systems, crankcase systems, and other parts from contamination. 

Fluidizing Sheets

Venting for Fluid Systems

Porex’s customizable, self-supporting hydrophobic and oleophobic PTFE vents and fiber media can help to protect against the ingress of particulate or moisture contamination in automotive fluid systems which, if not addressed, could cause rust, viscosity changes, and sludge formation among other problems.