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Writing Instruments

Optimize Ink Delivery for Your Writing & Printing Systems

Ink Management Systems Tailored to Your Needs

For decades, Porex has served as a global leader in the science of ink flow management. Using this expertise, our engineers can design customized nib and reservoir combinations that provide maximum ink delivery and control, all while protecting the device against leaks. The world’s largest writing and printing manufacturers depend on the quality and consistency of our components to improve their device’s performance, build their brands, and earn their customers’ loyalty.

Coloring Marker Nibs and Reservoirs

When paired with Porex reservoirs, our coloring marker nibs can be customized to create the perfect porosity and capillarity needed for your writing instrument. Color with confidence knowing you will maximize ink utilization and be protected against leakage.

Whiteboard Marker Nibs and Reservoirs

Porex whiteboard marker nibs and reservoirs can create the ultimate ink flow management engine to ensure long-lasting performance. Customize your whiteboard marker by ink flow, capillarity, fiber types, fiber densities, wrap materials, and geometries.

Permanent Marker Nibs and Reservoirs

Using decades of ink flow management experience, Porex can design a permanent marker solution using our innovative nibs and reservoirs. Customize your permanent marker’s capillarity or geometry to create a device specific to your application.

Highlighter Nibs and Reservoirs

Highlighter nibs and reservoirs from Porex use the highest quality materials and our ink flow management expertise to create the perfect porosity and capillarity for the ultimate user experience. Maximize your ink utilization – without the fear of leakage – to deliver brilliantly bold colors from your reservoir.

Ink Vents

Printer Ink Reservoirs and Vents

Porex is a global leader in printer inkjet reservoir media. Our reservoirs and vents – which can be offered in complex geometries and various gradient density configurations – offer precision control of ink absorption and release.