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Highlighter Nibs and Reservoirs

The Best Reservoir & Nib Combinations for Highlighters

Maximize Ink Flow Delivery & Utilization of Your Highlighters

Porex highlighters and nibs use our decades of expertise in ink flow management to offer the perfect porosity and capillarity for the ultimate user experience. When paired with our reservoir, which uses optimal fiber type, density and wrap for your highlighter, you can create the ultimate ink flow management engine which can be tailored to the capillarity and dimensional requirements needed for your highlighter. 

Porex offers two distinct nib technologies depending on the specific needs of the highlighter writing instrument:

  • POREX® sintered PE nibs are 3D-molded porous plastic nibs providing the ultimate in smooth writing feel and highly durable to keep their shape throughout the life of the highlighter.
  • POREX® polyester nibs are a combination of polyester fiber and bonding resin, and are compatible with most inks including high solids/highly pigmented ink.

Porex’s XPE® reservoirs are formed from a controlled density of fibers in an extruded seal, allowing you to contain and deliver the maximum amount of ink to your highlighters.

Watch how porous nibs and reservoirs work together to manage ink flow

Options for customizing nibs and reservoirs for highlighter markers

  • Customizable ink flow, capillarity, fiber types/densities, wrap materials, and sizes/dimensions
  • Maximum ink utilization
  • Highest degree of leak protection
  • Won’t fray or mushroom out
  • Sharp, clear lines
  • Long-lasting


  • Sintered Particle Nibs (PE)
  • Polyester fiber (PET)
  • Water-based, solvent-based, or metallic* inks
  • *PET material only

XPE® Reservoirs

  • Core Materials: Polyester or Polypropylene
  • Exterior Materials: Extruded polypropylene, extruded nylon, extruded polyester, film & nonwoven
  • Inks: Water-based, solvent-based, metallics, high pH

  • Manufactured into nearly any imaginable shape
Porous Laboratory Components

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Using Porous Polymers for Applying

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