POREX Filtration group


Unlock Innovation and Performance Across Industries

Expertise Across Multiple Industries

With a wealth of experience spanning numerous industries, Porex excels in providing expert solutions. We specialize in serving diverse sectors, including Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, UV Reflective Media, Industrial, and Automotive. Through our deep industry knowledge and collaborative approach, we offer tailored solutions that effectively address unique challenges and drive successful outcomes. Discover the breadth of our expertise and unlock the potential for your business with Porex as your trusted partner.

Life Sciences

Lateral Flow Media


Enhancing diagnostics through advanced porous polymers

FORTRESS Pipette Tip Filters

Laboratory Filtration

Laboratory filtration solutions for precise analysis and purification

Nasal Inhaler and Spray Pump Filters

Medical Devices

Maximize your product’s performance with Porex material science expertise

Bioprocessing Media

Bioprocessing Media

Robust and versatile media for single-use bioprocessing applications


Medical Foam

Custom foam solutions to meet your medical applications

Consumer Goods

Plug-in Air Freshner

Air Care

Customized wicking solutions to ensure consistent release

Cosmetic Makeup Sponges

Cosmetic makeup sponges tailored to your exact specifications

Writing Instruments

Ink management systems tailored to your needs

Vents for mobile devices

Protection Vents for Portable Electronics

Portable electronic vents custom engineered for your needs

IP Protection Vents

Acoustic Vents

Acoustic vents & windscreens tailored to Your device

Recreational Water

Water Filtration

Safer, cleaner water using innovative porous media

UV Reflective Media

UV Air Disinfection

Ensure properly disinfected air with Porex Virtek reflective media

UV Water Disinfection

Disinfect water with Porex Virtek reflective media lining your UV water treatment systems

UV Surface Disinfection

Uniform surface disinfection with Porex Virtek reflective media


Absorption Filters for Electrical Devices

Gas Sensor Vents and Filters

Protect and enhance sensor performance with cutting-edge technology


Packaging Vents

Packaging vents equalize pressure to prevent distortion or damage

Pneumatic Filters

Pneumatic Silencers

POREX® pneumatic silencers deliver durability, fast assembly, and cost efficiency

Oil and Gas

Inline Filters

Reduce instrument downtime with certified Pure Porex® filters

Plastic Filter Housings

Plastic Filter Housing

Protect equipment from corrosion and contamination

system Protection vents

Vents for Renewable Energy Systems

Keep your wind and solar systems running efficiently

Diffusion Solutions

Diffusion Tubes for Semiconductor Processing

Improve performance with high-purity diffusion tubes


Battery and Fuel Cell

Lighting & Electronic Venting

Customized lighting & electronic venting solutions for vehicle safety assurance

Crankcase Ventilator (CCV) Filtration Media

Filtration & Separation Media

Improve your automotive system’s functionality with Porex’s media technology 

Porous Vacuum Components

Venting for Fluid Systems

Porex hydrophobic & oleophobic PTFE cap vents 

Keep your wind and solar systems running efficiently