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Water Filtration

Optimize Your Water Filtration Device

Safer, Cleaner Water Using Innovative Porous Media

Engineers across the world trust Porex for porous filter solutions that address complex design and engineering challenges in the water filtration space. With decades of material science expertise and filtration application experience, our global operations ensure high reproducibility and reliability of our filter products throughout the supply chain. Porex filters can be used in a variety of filtration products, including those which are point-of-use or used in pools and spas, to improve overall performance, increase filter life, and maximize contaminant removal.

Carbon Block Pre-Filters

Point-of-Use Water Filtration

Manufacturers of water dispensers, pitchers, and bottles need innovative filtration media to not only assure the safety and cleanliness of drinking water, but also to improve the speed of filtration, taste, and filter life. Porex’s porous filter solutions use specialty grade carbon material which can be customized to your desired shape and size to effectively remove contaminants, improve flow rates, and maximize filter lifetime.

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Recreational Water

Pool & Spa Water Filtration

Porex porous filtration solution for pools and spas can help to ensure a clean experience for end-users. Our rigid, lightweight filters maximize surface area, optimize flow rates, and have excellent chemical and physical resistance during the cleaning process to ensure a long serviceable life. These customizable filters can be in radial, tube, or sheet form, depending on your filtration needs.

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